April: interfaces, search, speed, calculator, Twitter

New functionality and improvements during April:

  • boosted browse speed due to changed visits counting code - up to 7-8 times in some cases;
  • tour cost calculator both for list and single real estate property page;
  • search panel on top of all pages with real estate lists and description of property;
  • better and easier to use regional search facility with actual on-the-fly search and results drop-down list;
  • Twitter OAuth facility for instant registration and authorization.

Plans for May:

  • actual availability calendar combined with price calculator and search results;
  • better reviews facility (which is disabled at the moment);
  • user sites facility (right now it works only for administration).

Oh, almost forgot: site got first real estate listing in Paris, France.

Published: May 3, 2012 15:33 Pavel Kouznetsov

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