Custom sites creation in 5 minutes

If you need technical help with site's creation procedure - check this page.

This website allow you to create separate catalog of your own vacation rentals, real estate, hotel rooms, travel experiences - for free.

Your site will be visible on separate domain with URL like (example:

or even on your own second level domain or or

(note: second level domain parking is paid functionality).

It will take around 5 minutes to create a website (here) and 5 more minutes to add your real estate (here) or travel experience (here) to your newly created site. To start process of site creation visit this page.

If you don't have your own real estate and want to become an agent or you want to expand your business you can invite other users and companies to provide you with their vacation rentals to be displayed on your site. Also you may allow other people to offer your real estate on their sites - just offer it via personal messages or contacts in "Agents" section. You can read more about agency/partnership functionality here.

You can upload your own logotype / page header image, pages background image, add JavaScript code for counters and banners, change or remove footer links.

Standard functionality of custom sites includes

  • separate domain / address for your site;
  • separate list of your real estate, vacation rentals, hotel rooms, travel experiences;
  • interface in English and Russian (+ French ang German will be added later);
  • your real estate on map;
  • photo and video with your real estate (up to 16 photos per listing at the moment);
  • your contacts visible on each page with your real estate and travel experience offer + contact for for those who prefer written communication;
  • for rentals - facility to add and display seasoned prices;
  • for rentals - cost calculator;
  • for rentals - calendar with (un)available dates and seasonal rates;
  • services calculator and order system (cleaning, optional ski pass, breakfast, tours, etc.);
  • visits statistic for each real estate property and travel experience listing;
  • rating and reviews with ability to moderate them.

Only one site can be created per account. If you already crated site you can edit it after clicking on notepad icon (or this link) within side column navigation near link "My site".

Your site can be deleted if it won't receive any visitors during one year (except for paid sites). All real estate and travel expeience listings will remain and you will be able to re-create site if needed.

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