How to move ad to the top?

Higher your ad in common list - more visitors it'll get and more leads it'll provide for you.

There are 3 ways to get your listing on top of others:

1. Ultimate solution is to pay for your listing. Use drop-down menu " Owner Tools" visible below page header on the page with your ad - there is link " Paid Upgrade" and follow procedure on next page.

2. Free solution is to click Facebook "like" button below title on page with your ad. System count every "like" and put listings with most "likes" on top of free listings (and paid as well - if you paid for your listing). More people click "like" button - higher position of your listing and more leads you'll get. Probably you'll want to invite your friends with Facebook accounts to click on "like" buttons on pages with your listings.

3. Use link " Renew / To top" from the same menu as described in 1)

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