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Custom sites received update which allow to create information pages with WYSIWYG editor + top navigation. Custom pages have full set of search engine optimization features such as

  • static URLs without ? query symbol (london-vacation-rentals_p25.html instead of ?id=25);
  • custom URL slug (london-vacation-rentals_p25.html instead of Page-fGTd25.html);
  • custom meta description and meta keywords for each page.

These functions will be available after upcoming major update (around August, 15):

  • (done) tour price calculator for each vacation rentals property depending on daily rates, availability, amount of guests and discounts for additional beds (like in some cases children may live with parents for free);
  • (done) AJAX-powered orders system which work instantly without page reload;
  • (done) optional custom services order for vacation rental properties (ski pass, transfer from airport, pansion, tours);
  • (done) ability to define prices for custom services per accomodation (transfer from airport) or per person (ski pass) or per person per day (breakfast);
  • service price calculator within orders system;
  • (done) multi-language and multi-currency support for service prices;
  • (done) rates and availability calendar export-import for automated updates;
  • agent system to expand your business which will allow to search for business partners in the same or other regions or in another country - so your agency may compete with with ease or and/or you will be able to offer your real estate property through many agencies simultaneously instead of searching for clients yourself;
  • ability to display partners' real estate properties and tours within your custom site with your own contact phone, e-mail, Skype so you can expand your sales and earn comission;
  • taxes calculation for real estate properties (local tax, regional tax, VAT);
  • for international sites - full multi-language support for custom pages on user sites;
  • for international sites - full multi-language support for meta description, meta keywords, site title for custom sites.

EDIT: update delayed for a week for better testing.

Published: August 7, 2012 07:50 Pavel Kouznetsov

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