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You may boost your business easily using built-in partnership / agency mechanics by offering your real estate and vacation rentals to other site's users + you can add someone's properties to your site.

Advantages of this system:

  • you can instantly grow your business into nearby regions and countries;
  • if you want to be an agent you can offer more vacation rentals to your clients;
  • you can save money on advertisement and time on searches for clients - others will sell your vacation rentals;
  • you can specialize on sales or tourist services and specialization is a key for successful business.

If you are an agent and want to find a partner:

0) register on this site, authorize yourself, create your site;

1) browse "Estate owners and agencies" section of this site and you will see "request partnership" link in profiles with 1+ real estate properties listed;

1.1) contact person using messaging system about possible discounts and your profit margin level (recommended margin is 10%, discounts are negotiable and can be changed later by real estate owner);

2) click "request partnership" link and you'll see interface to add new partner;

3) adjust discount if previously negotiated + you have to add your profit margin (minimum 5% for vacation rentals);

4) submit form and wait for your partner to approve or reject it;

4.1) partner (real estate owner) may adjust discount level;

5) after your partnership request confirmed you (and your visitors) will see new real estate on your site with adjusted prices and your contact data so you can offer it as your own;

6) you can see all your partners, discounts within certain site section.

If you do not want to work with partners you can edit your profile and check "no agents" option - it will stop future requests. Also you may edit or reject any partnership any time you want to stop displaying your estate on someone else's site.

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