Previous week: Crimea and subway

Site now has interface to select nearest and alternative subway / metro / underground station for real estate properties. Added subway systems for Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev and more to come.

Homeowners added first hotels and private vacation rentals in Crimea, Ukraine - including first hotel in Popovka, Kazantip.

Minor interface improvements were made including price slider in vacation entals search form. Corrected price search in catalog - now it calculate price range(s) more correctly and show appropriate results. Corrected regional search - now it show proper suburb / town search results instead of whole country.

Plans for next week (actually they almost the same as for previous week):

  • rates / seasoned prices within new vacation rentals interface;
  • better vacation rentals search on start page (text search with auto-complete);
  • better news and reviews.

Published: March 5, 2012 03:32 Pavel Kouznetsov

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