Weekly and daily real estate services, control panel

Related services now can be defined as one-time fee (ski pass), daily (breakfast), weekly (cleaning), monthly (you name it). Added multi-langage support to services. Note: services list page still in "alpha" stage and will be improved during this week.

First version of control panel implemented. At the moment it's just list of links to different controls and administrative function but it will be improved over time with alerts and statistucs. Control panels in side column will be removed soon.

Real estate property description pages got minor re-design to make it look less chaotic. Site got "estate map" for better indexing by search engines.

Owners of custom sites may define "primary keyword" parameter within control panel. For example site with accent on real estate sales can define this keyword as "sale" to make links look like "san-francisco-apartment-sale-123.html". Site with vacation rentals may define it as "rent" or "vacation-rentals" - this will be resulting link: san-francisco-apartment-rent-123.html. Also this keyword can be "internationalised" on non-English sites (like "arenda" can be used on Russian site instead of "rent").

Agents-partners functionality implemented for custom sites: if real estate item displayed on custom site its price adjusted according to discount and profit margin defined in "Agents" section (services prices also adjusted). Pages with property description show contacts of agent (custom site owner), leads and orders go to agent's inbox.

Published: August 27, 2012 03:27 Pavel Kouznetsov

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